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        18 – 21   Louis Auto Show - America’s Center, St. Louis





        10 (Saturday) Hyman LTD - Winter Kick-off  

        18  Art-Deco Fortress Game Day and small business                         meeting




        16th (Saturday) TBD Gerry Perschbacher building presentation.   

        31 (Sunday) Easter Concourse Show



       4 - 7 Texas Packard Meeting

        20 (Saturday) Orphan Car Show 

        26 -27 America's Packard Museum                                                     (Dayton, Ohio) 2024 Spring Fling



          5 - Model T Club Swap Meet - Grizzlies Stadium

        11 - (Saturday) The Hill Wine Walk Packard Cruise-                          in/Display

        17 - 19 Route 66 Tour to Pontiac, Illinois

        26 (Sunday) Guy Crouch Luncheon and Collection Tour                   in Louisiana, Missouri 




        1 - (Saturday) Lafayette Square Garden and Antique Fair

        9 -15 Packard National in Wisconsin

        16 - Fathers' Day Car Show Museum of Transportation

        30 - All-Souls Car Show in Overland, MO – Great Food




       TBD (Saturday) Technical Lecture by Harry Mayhew at the Gerry Perschbacher building.

       TBD (Sunday?)  North County Veterans' Car Show




        TBD (Saturday) Historical Lecture by Gerry                                Perschbacher at his building and business meeting


September (Car Shows)

         1- (Sunday)S.L.I.C.K. Car Show-Harvester Lions Club                  (BackStoppers) 4835 Central School Rd, St. Charles

         8 - (Sunday) Wheels in Motion

         7? TBD (Saturday) Secretary of State Car Show in                         Springfield, Illinois 

        13? TBD (Saturday) Randy Gori Route 66 Car Show

        15 - (Sunday) Horseless Carriage Club of MO Swap                          Meet and Car Show

        29 - (Sunday) Oktoberfest Car Show 





        6 - (Sunday) Packard Fall Fling at the Lake --All-                            Packard Car Show

        7 – 11- Hershey Swap Meet

        20- (Sunday) Cruise/Lunch or Snacks at Noboleis                            Winery in Augusta, Missouri




        17 - TBD Packard Thanksgiving

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